Ready to Reset Your Wellness? Join our CLEAN START program!

Ready to Reset Your Wellness? Join our CLEAN START program!

CLEAN START: 6-Week Wellness Reset
Wednesdays 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm, March 15 – April 19, 2017

Facilitated by Jessica Stopard, RHN, Linda Morinello & Dr. Scott Figueroa, ND

Are you ready to:

  • Increase your energy and look and feel younger?
  • Reduce bloating and pesky digestive issues?
  • Find out once and for all if gluten or dairy may be bothering you?
  • Eat mindfully, without guilt, starvation or counting carbs and calories?
  • Learn proven strategies to reduce stress and improve sleep?
  • Ease pain and inflammation with clean foods and core supplements?

In this 6-week wellness series you will work with three qualified natural health practitioners and learn in an interactive, small group setting. Guided by a holistic nutritionist, naturopath and wellness coach, you will embark on a clean-eating diet of wholesome natural foods while avoiding gluten, dairy and added sugar. Discover new recipes, meal-planning tips and techniques for simple, mindful eating, stress reduction and goal-setting strategies. Track your progress with weekly journaling, symptoms charts and an online group forum.  

Program Cost: $149 (+HST)

Spaces are limited to 15 participants – register now online, or visit the store to register.

What you get:

  • Six 90-minute sessions led by qualified practitioners
  • A 100-page workbook with recipes, articles, worksheets & resources
  • $100 worth of free products, samples, books and coupons
  • Weekly recipe sampling
  • Access to our private online group forum to share experiences and questions

Sessions at a glance:

Week 1

  • Where are you now?
  • Healthy eating simplified
  • How to clean out your pantry
  • Determine your life balance and set healthy goals

Week 2

  • How to live without gluten, dairy & sugar
  • Choosing real foods
  • Creating budget-friendly meal plans that work

Week 3

  • Simple, proven stress reduction
  • 10 factors that are weighing you down
  • Staying mindful everyday
  • Setting goals for success

Week 4

  • Clean eating in the real world
  • Tips for managing push-back from friends/family
  • 10 vital tips for eating out

Week 5

  • Your holistic body: A naturopath’s view
  • The 5 core health supplements
  • How to maintain your health gains
  • Sleep better naturally

Week 6

  • Symptom check-in: What changed and why?
  • Making it stick going forward
  • Open forum with practitioners
  • Program wrap-up & refreshments

Spaces are limited to 15 participants – register now online, or visit the store to register.

About the Presenters

Jessica Stopard is an award-winning, smoothie-lovin’ Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) with a decade of experience in natural health. Jessica’s focus is educating women on a whole foods based lifestyle, specializing in digestive wellness through smoothies and the Elimination Diet. 

She loves maximizing nutrition for the least amount of effort to inspire women to eat more real foods so that they stop feeling so BLAH (Bloated, Low energy, Acne, and Headaches). She is the creator of Reset to Real Food: 21-Day Online Seasonal Detox and offers a free smoothie cheat sheet to help you make nutritious, delicious and filling smoothies at . See what Jessica is up to at and on Instagram @jessicanutrition.

Linda Morinello is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Energy Practitioner. She takes an integrative approach with her clients ensuring that along with eating healthy, an equal focus is placed on maintaining balance in all aspects of their lives.

Linda learned first-hand how important living a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle is to maintaining mind-body-spirit connection. After she was diagnosed with and recovered from cancer, she left her corporate work-life and transitioned to helping others live a balanced and mindful lifestyle.

Alongside with her role at The Peanut Mill and her private practice at good4me, Linda is a Program Leader with Wellspring Niagara, where she facilitates programs for cancer patients. Linda is also a published author with her first book, Conscious Living Through Cancer. Linda continues to study, research and teach in the area of mindfulness and wellness. She is excited to share her knowledge with you.

Dr. Scott Figueroa ND (Dr. Scott) is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and co-founder of Hart & Sol Integrative Healthcare in Niagara Falls.  By integrating the multiple modalities of Naturopathic Medicine including nutrition and supplementation, herbal medicine, acupuncture and lifestyle counseling, he provides specialized and individualized care to his patients. Always striving to provide his patients with the most complete care, Dr. Scott is fully certified to provide IV vitamin therapy as well as bio-identical hormone replacement.

Dr. Scott maintains a general practice where he sees patients with a variety of concerns. His special interests are in pain management, cardiovascular health, weight management, and hormonal health, including menopause, diabetes, thyroid disorders and adrenal health.

Along with his private practice, Dr. Scott maintains a position as a wellness consultant for The Peanut Mill Natural Foods Market. He enjoys helping customers learn more about natural health products and has been a regular speaker for The Peanut Mill’s ongoing seminar program.

Spaces are limited to 15 participants – register now online, or visit the store to register.


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