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Heal Your Gut for Good!

An interview with Amanda Santalucia, RHN Do you feel bloated, heavy or sluggish after eating? Do you have low energy, yet trouble sleeping? Having frequent cravings and trouble losing stubborn weight? I recently spoke with [...]

Study doubting vitamin D bone benefits was poorly structured and unreliable, say experts

by Ronald G. Reichert, ND Since earning his doctorate in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University in 1989, Dr Ronald Reichert has worked as an expert consultant to the natural health products industry. In addition to [...]

What is the Thyroid – Stress Connection?

An Interview with Dr Elie Klein, ND Dr. Elie Klein is a naturopathic doctor in Toronto, author of Read This If You Have A Heart – The Book on Lowering High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and [...]

Terpenes: “Benefits of Cannabis Without the High”

An Interview with Dr Lee Know, ND By Jason Sebeslav Lee Know is a licensed naturopathic doctor, recipient of several awards, and has held positions as medical advisor, scientific evaluator, and director of R&D for [...]

10 Healthy Travel Tips

By Caroline Farquhar RHN, BA, EMP I travel a lot for both work and pleasure, and I know that getting sick can ruin your trip. Whether you’re staying close to home or planning to travel [...]

Probiotics for Gut, Brain & Immunity

An interview with digestive health expert Dr. Sara Celik By Jason Sebeslav Dr. Sara Celik, ND, HMC, BHSc is a Naturopathic Doctor and Homeopathic Master Clinician with over 15 years of experience. With her extensive [...]

Low Iron is Common – and Dangerous, says Lorna Vanderhaeghe

An interview with Lorna Vanderhaeghe by Jason Sebeslav, Owner of The Peanut Mill Natural Foods Market Lorna Vanderhaeghe, MS, is a leading women’s health expert and has been researching nutritional medicine for over 25 years. With [...]

Stress & Mental Health – It’s not all in your head!

An interview with Dr. Karen Jensen, ND By Jason Sebeslav, Owner, The Peanut Mill Natural Foods Market Dr. Jensen received her degree in naturopathic medicine in 1988. She is a well-known lecturer, has written extensively [...]

Julie Daniluk Interview: Why you need omega-3s

How omega-3s help your mood, memory & more: An interview with TV host Julie Daniluk By Jason Sebeslav We had the pleasure of welcoming nutritionist, TV host and author Julie Daniluk RHN as our special guest [...]

Sleep, Pain & Stress: A Naturopath’s Advice

By Dr. Scott Figueroa, ND Published in HWS Magazine Dr Scott Figueroa is a licensed naturopathic doctor with a clinical practice in Niagara Falls. He is also available Mondays and Thursdays to help customers navigate [...]

Top 10 Nutrients to Get You Through The Holiday Season

Published in Vitality Magazine By Dr Zoltan P. Rona, MD, MSc Every year around the holidays, your social calendar fills up and you’re tempted to eat and drink indiscriminately away from home. Office parties and [...]

Halt Uterine Fibroids & Heavy Periods

By Lorna Vanderhaege Heavy menstrual bleeding and endless spotting caused by uterine fibroids is the main reason for  hysterectomy – and Canada has the highest rates of hysterectomy in the world. If both the uterus [...]

Fuller Hair and Stronger Nails: Nourishing Thyroid is Key

An Interview with Dr. Elie Klein, ND By Jason Sebeslav Dr. Elie Klein is a naturopathic doctor in Toronto, author of Read This If You Have A Heart – The Book on Lowering High Blood [...]

8 Unusual Allergy Treatments

by Dr. Marita Schauch, ND A lot of people reach for over-the-counter allergy medications at this time of year. It’s not hard to understand: when you’re sneezing, stuffed up, low on energy and physically uncomfortable [...]

Health food forerunner turns 40

by Tiffany Mayer After four decades in business, it would be easy to think that there would be little in the way of surprises anymore. But Jason Sebeslav, owner of the 40-year-old Peanut Mill Natural [...]

8 Signs You Have a Hormone Imbalance

by Dr. Marita Schauch, ND How many women have you spoken to lately who feel fabulous – balanced, rested and ready to conquer the world? I’d guess the answer is somewhere between none and few. [...]

Supplements to help with depression

by Dr. Marita Schauch, BSc, ND I’ve taken some time this month to explore depression, given how Seasonal Effective Disorder (SAD) tends to run rampant at this time of winter. I’m a firm believer in [...]

How to calm Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS, and sometimes called Willis-Ekbom disease) is a problem that does what it says on the tin – it makes it impossible for you to keep your legs still. The symptoms are [...]

A Double-barrelled package to treat hypertension

Guest article by W. Gifford-Jones, MD Today millions of North Americans suffer hypertension and 99% are being treated by prescription drugs. Studies show that nearly 50% discontinue their medication due to unpleasant side-effects. But tossing [...]

5 Simple Food Combining Tips for Good Digestion

by Dominique Vanier, BScH, MEnvSc, ND (cand) With the holidays quickly approaching, so too are many nights of hearty meals, good wine, and great company. Eating large meals with heavy foods, however, may cause some [...]

Get Rid of Bean Gas

Guest post by by Sonia Chartier, with Dominique Vanier It has happened to all of us: that moment when you feel the onset of gas, and the security of your own washroom is nowhere in sight. You [...]

Saying No to Type 2 Diabetes

by Brad King, MS, MFS The world today is facing somewhat of a diabetes epidemic with over 340 million sufferers and growing – and most of them outwards! The condition of diabetes can be broken [...]

4 low-stress breakfasts for back-to-school

Guest Post by Dr. Marita Schauch, BSc, ND This month my focus has really been on lowering stress, and helping the body relax and heal before the tornado that is back-to-school. But even as we [...]

Stressed? Low libido? Maca can make the difference!

An Interview with Brad King, MS by Jason Sebeslav Brad King is a best-selling author, an award-winning public speaker and one of Canada’s most respected natural health experts. He frequently appears on radio and television [...]

Aging Well: Keys to Longevity

An Interview with Dr. Jennifer Marion, ND By Jason Sebeslav Dr. Jennifer Marion, ND, is a general naturopathic practitioner specializing in anti-aging nutrition, weight loss, chronic care and pain management. Jennifer believes that providing her [...]

3 Ways to Prevent and Treat Brain Fog, Dementia & Alzheimer’s Disease

Nutrients, foods and mental exercises to keep your brain bright and healthy by Lorna Vanderhaeghe The human brain is the most complex organ in the body. It produces our every thought, action, memory, feeling and [...]

25 Ways to Embrace Health

Make 2015 your best year ever! 2015 is a fresh start to refresh our minds and bodies. As we tear the wrappings off a new calendar, those empty, blank days represent blank slates bursting with [...]

Rejuvenating Oils

For a healthy skin makeover  This time of year is a wonderful time for rejuvenation—and that includes creating healthy, glowing skin. One great way to kick-start any skin renewal plan is to begin using a [...]

Culinary spices that heal.

  Explore The Medicinal Magic Hidden In Your Cupboard The culinary and medicinal powers of spices have been known by herbalists, healers, and cooks for centuries. Now science is affirming what folklore medicine has [...]

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