Our Values

Simplicity. Passion. Integrity. Choice. Empathy.

Our Values

Our core company values shape the way we do business as a company: from whom we hire or buy from, the products we choose to sell, and how we treat our customers and community. They mean a lot to us, and we hope they resonate with you, too.

Our Standards

We worry about the bad stuff so you don't have to.

Our Standards

Every product on our shelves has passed our tough standards for quality & ingredients. No artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners, preservatives – and that’s only the beginning. We’re sticklers in the back room so you can feel confident at the shelf.

Our People

We KNOW natural. And we love to talk about it!

Our People

We have knowledgeable, passionate employees with a diverse range of expertise in natural health. From our store naturopath and herbalist to our holistic nutritionists, we are among the most educated groups of natural healthcare experts in the area.

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This Truly Turmeric paste comes with a warning LOL! ... See MoreSee Less

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Scientist Tyrone Hayes was hired by Syngenta to prove their atrazine herbicide was safe. Hayes found quite the opposite. Syngenta didn't like the results - the studies showed atrazine to be toxic to frogs. They tried to pay him to manipulate the data. He refused. The agrichemical giant didn't like that, so they spent over a decade trying to destroy his career. People thought Hayes was paranoid when he told them that Syngenta was stalking and threatening him. But after a decade, secret company documents made public because of a court case involving Syngenta have vindicated Hayes. Read this important story about Tyrone Hayes, an ethical and brave whistleblower scientist. This is how the GMO/agrichemical industry operates - a bunch of corporate criminals and thugs poisoning the planet - and their actions need to be known by everyone on Earth. “We all follow the Tyrone Hayes drama, and some people will say, ‘He should just do the science.’ But the science doesn’t speak for itself. Industry has unlimited resources and bully power. Tyrone is the only one calling them out on what they’re doing.” - Michelle Boone, Professor of Aquatic Ecology at Miami University. READ the whole story: www.newyorker.com/reporting/2014/02/10/140210fa_fact_aviv #CorporateCriminals #Syngenta #thugs #atrazine #herbicide #EPA #agriculture #farming #corn #TyroneHayes #whistleblower #UCBerkeley #frogs #gmofreecanada #gmofreeusa

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  • Is the “organic” hype really true?

    Is the “organic” hype really true?

    The conversations I hear about the topic of “organic foods” have been many. They often go something like this: “I can’t taste the difference between organic and commercial foods, so I just buy the regular kind” “Organic is so expensive… I just buy conventional foods. I can’t afford to buy organic for my whole family”

  • The Dos and Don’t’s of Making a Better (and Healthier) Salad

    The Dos and Don’t’s of Making a Better (and Healthier) Salad

    Source: alive.com You deserve better than a limp pile of iceberg lettuce. Make your salads delicious, creative, meal-worthy affairs with these tweaks. We’re a little obsessed with salads. Not the boring, run-of-the-mill salads found at some [...]

  • My Elimination Diet Trip – Part 3: Re-Introduction

    My Elimination Diet Trip – Part 3: Re-Introduction

    So you’ve progressed through the Detoxification and Elimination phases of the Elimination Diet. Once all of your symptoms are gone, you begin the final phase: Reintroduction (sometimes known as provocation).

  • My Elimination Diet Trip: Part 2 – Elimination

    My Elimination Diet Trip: Part 2 – Elimination

    With the three-day detox phase completed, it’s now time to head into the elimination phase. You will expand on your foods from phase 1, yet still eat foods free from the most common allergens. This means no dairy, gluten, corn, soy, yeast, nuts, caffeine, eggs and more.

  • My Elimination Diet Trip: Part 1 – The Detox

    My Elimination Diet Trip: Part 1 – The Detox

    Have you been experiencing headaches or bloating? Struggling to get through your day because your energy is so low? If you’ve had these symptoms -- or others like skin conditions, joint problems or anxiety -- you most likely have also tried cleansing or maybe a Candida diet.

What our customers are saying

I love this store!! They are helpful, knowledgeable and passionate about natural alternatives and healthy living.
Amazing customer service! The staff are awesome and go above and beyond. My favorite health food store!
Warm , personable and knowledgable staff! What a nice place to get my natural health products!
I am shocked and thrilled by the beautiful thoughtful food spread and amazing early bday cake.
Julie Daniluk
I always leave the store happy. The Peanut Mill carries the quality of product that I need for my health care.
As soon as I walk into the shop, I am always warmly greeted, and immediately feel welcomed. I can take my time, and I never feel rushed.