The Peanut Mill Natural Foods Market is a warm, comfortable and caring space for you to engage with trusted, knowledgeable staff members who share a passion for natural health and nutrition. Shop confidently knowing our strict product standards offer a simple, convenient, local solution for fresh, healthy foods and natural health products. As an independent, values-based business in your community, we are a progressive, responsible and fair employer, invested in the development and wellbeing of our staff. We are always happy to welcome you, guide you, share with you, and delight you with outstanding service.

Our Story

The Peanut Mill was founded in April of 1976 by Antje Wirth, mother of the store’s owner and General Manager, Jason Sebeslav. At the time, Antje had been working part-time at a local health food store and wanted to help people lead a more health conscious lifestyle. She launched The Peanut Mill in the small town of Niagara-on-the-Lake.

In the early days, we were famous for grinding peanuts into fresh peanut butter (thus the store’s name), fresh carrot and apple juice, healthy sandwiches and a few bulk food basics. The store’s early growth was steady and encouraging, and got another boost when Antje’s mother, Liselotte (Lisa), came on board. Lisa’s passion for natural health and her genuine connection with people helped the store to gain a loyal customer base.

Jason began working in the store as a teen and throughout high-school. In 1984, the store relocated to St. Paul Street in St. Catharines and subsequently moved to the Geneva Square Plaza. In 1998, Jason came in to work alongside his mother full-time. In 2007 the store shifted to a larger adjacent unit at the plaza, our current 2,200 square-foot home. Jason took over ownership of the business in 2009. We will celebrate our 50th anniversary in 2026!

Our Team

Our team is made up of knowledgeable, passionate people who look forward to serving you every day.

Our Values

SPICE”: Simplicity, Passion, Integrity, Choice and Empathy. It’s the flavour we want our customers to sense in our store! We will always strive to embody the best of these qualities in our interactions with customers, among our staff, with our suppliers, and with our community in which we see ourselves a citizen.

Our Community

We support our local community!

Our success is due to the support and patronage of a local community of customers. As such we are committed to giving back wherever and whenever possible. Some examples of our past and current community support initiatives include:

Donation Requests

We are honoured to receive many requests through the year for donations and community support. We have developed these guidelines to help make our donation program efficient and to benefit as many local organizations as possible. When we look at requests for donations, we consider the following:

Does the request directly relate to: Health & nutrition, Hunger, The environment, The arts, or our local community of Niagara?

How many people could our donation benefit?

Are you a registered non-profit group?

We require all donation requests to be submitted in writing at least four weeks prior to any related event, stating the following:

  • Name of organization making requests
  • Contact name including telephone number and email address
  • Details of the event including date, time, place, purpose of the fundraising/event, demographic of who is expected to attend, number of people expected
  • Specifics of what you are requesting (eg, merchandise, samples, quantity required, gift card, gift basket)

Please note: We are not able to donate to private events, such as stag & does, parties, etc.

Please make requests for sponsorship using our Contact Us form, or drop off in the store.