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7:00 pm: Aging Fit! Gentle Strength & Mobility

February 21, 2024

Struggling to find options to help keep fit in your later years? Gym classes not for you? There are alternatives!

Are you struggling to find options to help keep fit in your later years? Gym classes or weights not for you? There are simple, safe alternatives and many can be done from home! Let Peter Karanfilis show you simple, safe yet effective ways to help keep joints and muscles strong as you age.


Peter is an award winning fitness expert, nutritionist, published author and speaker from St. Catharines with more than 16 years of experience in the field.


T icket price is a reservation fee only and will be refunded to each attendee as a store coupon of equal value at conclusion of event with proof of ticket/purchase. No refunds in cash or for no-shows without prior approval.

BONUS: Attendees will receive a free e-book from Peter!

The Peanut Mill Natural Foods Market
191 Welland Avenue, Saint Catharines, ON L2R 2P2
Saint Catharines, ON L2R 2P2

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10:00 am: Customer Appreciation Day

February 29, 2024

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