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Calcium needs change with age

We all need calcium, but there are times in our lives when our intake of this mineral is most critical, according to scientists at the Children’s Nutrition Research Centre at Texas Children’s Hospital. Using numerous techniques to establish calcium requirements and bone mass, researchers noted that calcium requirements are greatest for pregnant or nursing women [...]

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EFAs boost learning: “Landmark study”

Food supplements can improve the abilities of children with learning difficulties, a study has shown. The major trial into the effects of essential fatty acids (EFAs) on concentration and learning levels has produced extremely encouraging results and has boosted the hopes of scientists, teachers and parents alike. The study involved 120 children between 6 and [...]

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Fish oil fights asthma: two new studies

Asthma is a bronchial disease that hits younger Canadians hard, affecting 13% of all children aged 5 to 19. Though asthma has no cure, its symptoms—wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath—can be managed with medication and nutrition. According to many recent studies, children with asthma may benefit from essential fatty acids. Studies have shown that [...]

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Activated charcoal may be a life saver

Activated charcoal is used to remedy mild digestive disturbances, especially intestinal gas and diarrhea. A recent study finds it can also be a very effective poison antidote for children and may help prevent a trip to the hospital. Activated charcoal binds to many types of poisons and can keep them from being absorbed into the [...]

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