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Dry Eye Solution: Boost omega-3 fatty acids, study suggests

By | July 23rd, 2015|HNU Archive|

Millions of people, predominantly women, suffer from dry eye syndrome, a painful and debilitating eye disease. The condition causes symptoms such as pain, irritation, dryness, and/or a sandy or gritty sensation. If untreated, severe dry eye syndrome can eventually lead to scarring or ulceration of the cornea, and loss of vision. In the first study [...]

Prevent cataracts one day at a time

By | May 21st, 2015|HNU Archive|

Cataracts are a result of degenerative changes in the lens of the eye, often brought on by aging, diabetes or eye injuries. Though painless, cataracts cause a distinct thickening or “cloudiness” of the pupil making it unable to focus or admit light properly. Left untreated, cataracts can cause diminished or complete loss of vision. One [...]

Peak Vision: Top picks for eye health

By | May 19th, 2015|HNU Archive|

We’d all hope to see the faces of our grandchildren—or even great grandchildren—clearly, and not through a haze of blurred vision. But will we? Cataracts, a “clouding” of the eye lenses, afflict half of all people over 50 and three-quarters of those over 75. Macular degeneration, a breakdown of tissue in the retina, is the [...]