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Oil Change for the Heart: Heart benefits seen in as little as two weeks with fish or soy oils

By | July 28th, 2015|HNU Archive|

Taking daily supplements of fish or soy oil may improve cardiac function and protect against heart attacks in the short-term, say researchers from Emory University School of Medicine. The study results are the first to show that soy oil increases heart rate variability (HRV), a measure of cardiac autonomic function. "Our findings contradict the current [...]

Folic acid among top heart nutrients

By | July 24th, 2015|HNU Archive|

Attendees at the American Heart Association’s 58th Annual High Blood Pressure Research Conference heard evidence that women who consumed more than 800 mcg/day of folic acid reduced their risk of high blood pressure by almost a third compared to those who consumed less than 200 mcg/day. Researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston used [...]

Hawthorn improves heart condition

By | May 21st, 2015|HNU Archive|

Congestive heart failure (CHF) is a disease where the heart is weakened and can no longer pump enough blood to support the body’s needs. When less blood is pumped, fluid becomes forced into the lungs and other tissues causing congestion and edema. CHF results in serious damage to the heart muscle and valves, and leaves [...]