Adequate iron during infancy critical

American researchers report that children with low levels of iron as infants may grow up with brain deficiencies, even if they get early treatment. Their study of 185 teens from Costa Rica indicates that babies with severe iron deficiency never fully recovered on tests of learning, memory and thinking. The report highlights the importance of [...]

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Poor memory? Remember to try bacopa!

Practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine, a traditional healing therapy from India, have long used the herb bacopa (sometimes called brahmi) to enhance memory and mood. It is also used to help ease epilepsy and insomnia, and as a mild sedative. A number of years ago, bacopa was tested on animals with great success. More recently, human [...]

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Good Food; Good Grades?

Before you buy a computer, new books, or enlist a tutor to help your child do better in school, take a close look at what sort of food is fuelling (or draining) his or her body every day. Some foods are definitely better than others when it comes to being primed for a full day [...]

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EFAs boost learning: “Landmark study”

Food supplements can improve the abilities of children with learning difficulties, a study has shown. The major trial into the effects of essential fatty acids (EFAs) on concentration and learning levels has produced extremely encouraging results and has boosted the hopes of scientists, teachers and parents alike. The study involved 120 children between 6 and [...]

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