Low minerals have a role in hair loss

Health experts say hormonal imbalances, medical side effects and psychological factors may cause temporary and reversible hair loss. Two recent studies indicate mineral deficiencies might also play a role. One study from the UK reported that hair loss after gastrointestinal surgery was treated successfully with zinc. Nutritional complications following this surgery include vitamin and mineral [...]

Low minerals have a role in hair loss 2015-09-09T13:49:31+00:00

Daily multi may improve bad behaviour

A new study suggests it may be possible to improve bad behaviour by providing daily vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. Scientists from the UK wanted to test if getting adequate nutrients would cause a reduction in antisocial behaviour among prisoners. They gave 231 young adult prisoners supplements and compared offences before and during supplementation. [...]

Daily multi may improve bad behaviour 2015-09-09T13:52:20+00:00

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