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Outrun the Blues! Regular exercise cuts depression symptoms by half

By | July 28th, 2015|HNU Archive|

Jumping on that treadmill or bike is not only good for one’s health, but also can help significantly reduce depression, say researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center. The first study to look at exercise alone in treating mild to moderate depression in adults aged 20 to 45 showed that depressive symptoms were reduced almost 50% [...]

Does winter make you SAD? Try more D

By | July 24th, 2015|HNU Archive|

With another long winter upon us, it’s essential to make sure you’re getting enough vitamin D in order to prevent seasonal affective disorder (SAD). SAD can result in anxiety and depression, increased carbohydrate cravings, sleep problems and fatigue. Our main source of vitamin D is sunlight. When the skin is directly exposed to sunlight, a [...]

Ginkgo gives seniors energy boost

By | July 24th, 2015|HNU Archive|

At the University of Surrey in England, researchers found that a Ginkgo biloba extract could improve mood and activity levels of independent seniors. Participants first underwent a four-month treatment with either ginkgo extract or a placebo capsule. Then in a second six-month trial, 1,570 volunteers continued treatment in one of four groups: some who received [...]

Omega-3s improve mood disorder

By | July 24th, 2015|HNU Archive|

Bipolar disorder (BPD) causes extreme shifts in mood, energy and ability to function, both mentally and physically. Most cases require long-term treatment using medication and therapy. Investigation is underway to see what nutritional factors influence BPD. One such factor is omega-3 fatty acids, known for optimizing brain health because they are components of brain cell [...]

Can St John’s Wort Beat the Blues?

By | June 11th, 2015|HNU Archive, Uncategorized|

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has launched a four-year study to determine the safety and effectiveness of St John's wort, a common herbal supplement, and citalopram, a standard antidepressant, compared to placebo. A total of 300 participants with minor depression will be randomly assigned a standardized extract of St John's wort, citalopram, or placebo [...]

Fish Oils: Healthy hearts and minds!

By | June 7th, 2015|HNU Archive|

The list of health conditions that can improve with essential fatty acid (EFA) supplementation is well over 60 and growing by the day as new research continues to uncover benefits. The omega-3 fatty acids eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), abundant in fish oils, are responsible for many of these health benefits and have [...]

Poor memory? Remember to try bacopa!

By | June 7th, 2015|HNU Archive|

Practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine, a traditional healing therapy from India, have long used the herb bacopa (sometimes called brahmi) to enhance memory and mood. It is also used to help ease epilepsy and insomnia, and as a mild sedative. A number of years ago, bacopa was tested on animals with great success. More recently, human [...]

B-12 supports mood, thinking in elderly

By | May 28th, 2015|HNU Archive|

Vitamin B-12 is needed for normal nerve cell function, to combat fatigue and for the production of SAMe, a substance that helps regulate mood. B-12 is so important to our well being that researchers at the National Institute on Aging studied the relationship between B-12 deficiencies and depression in elderly women. In this study, 700 [...]