Oregano oil beats bacteria, yeast

Multiple studies from around the world indicate that oil of oregano is a potent, all-purpose antibacterial, antifungal agent that can kill infections. Scientists from Georgetown University Medical Center, led by Dr Harry Preuss, tested the effects of oil of oregano on common Staph bacteria. Staph bacteria are becoming more drug resistant and are responsible for [...]

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Oregano kills intestinal parasites

Parasites affect millions of North Americans — even those who never travel. They are organisms that live within the intestinal tract, growing and feeding off the body. They may be visible (like tapeworms and pinworms) or microscopic (like Giardia lamblia). While almost any persistent digestive disorder could result from a parasite infection, the most common [...]

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Oregano oil topples bacteria, parasites

The cure is in the cupboard, according to Dr Cass Ingram in his 1997 book of the same title. Dr Ingram says that oil of oregano can be used to improve health due to its natural antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antiparasitic qualities. This is because oil of oregano contains phenols as well as terpenes, alcohols [...]

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