The Toe Knows! Low selenium in toenails may point to arthritis risk

Insufficient levels of selenium in the body may be associated with a higher frequency of knee osteoarthritis, according to new research. Past studies have indicated that, in a particular area of China, severe shortages of selenium in the body may lead to early-onset osteoarthritis. Selenium is incorporated into proteins that regulate thyroid function and may [...]

The Toe Knows! Low selenium in toenails may point to arthritis risk 2019-01-09T14:48:07+00:00

Selenium cuts two common cancers

A new study says that higher intake of selenium may reduce colorectal cancer risk. In the past, selenium has been associated with cancer protection, particularly prostate, lung and colon cancers. To gain better insight into selenium’s anti-cancer role, researchers from the University of Arizona analyzed data from three completed clinical trials, each with several hundred [...]

Selenium cuts two common cancers 2015-09-09T13:49:31+00:00

Promise for Prostate Cancer: Mineral found to have protective effect

According to Dutch researchers at the Universiteit Maastricht, the antioxidant mineral selenium appears to have a protective effect against prostate cancer. Selenium is a trace mineral that pays important roles in detoxification and antioxidant defence mechanisms in the body. It is found most abundantly in Brazil nuts, while yeast, whole grains and seafood are also [...]

Promise for Prostate Cancer: Mineral found to have protective effect 2015-09-09T13:50:28+00:00

Selenium boosts immune function

In a British study from the University of Liverpool, researchers looked at whether selenium given to healthy individuals could improve immunity and help the body cope with a polio vaccine. In this double-blind study, 22 adults with low selenium concentrations received 50 or 100 mcg of selenium, or a placebo, daily for 15 weeks. All [...]

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Prenatal vitamins strongly urged

Many pregnant women lack iron, magnesium and other important nutrients, according to researchers at the University of Florida. The researchers set out to determine whether nutrient intake from food alone was adequate across three trimesters. In this study, 63 low-risk pregnant women, all from upper- or middle-income homes, completed three-day diet records each month which [...]

Prenatal vitamins strongly urged 2015-09-09T13:50:31+00:00

Mineral Medicine: Selenium may inhibit esophageal cancer

Selenium, a trace mineral found in various foods and nutritional supplements, may inhibit progression toward esophageal cancer among people with Barrett’s esophagus, a precancerous condition that affects millions of North Americans. Researchers studied the relationship between levels of selenium in the blood and changes in the lining of the esophagus that represent advancement toward cancer. [...]

Mineral Medicine: Selenium may inhibit esophageal cancer 2019-01-09T14:48:30+00:00

Four picks from the anticancer A-list

There’s no question that diet, lifestyle and environmental factors play a large role in cancer risk. So if we eat well, exercise regularly, don’t smoke and avoid pollutants, what else can be done to lower the risk? According to recent studies, there are certain nutrients that provide anticancer protection when consumed in the diet or [...]

Four picks from the anticancer A-list 2015-09-09T13:52:19+00:00

Nutrient deficiencies worsen flu

While many people take daily vitamin C to help ward off winter colds and flu, recent research shows other nutrients are also critical to keeping healthy during flu season. The University of North Carolina released a startling report indicating that a selenium deficiency can make a flu much worse. They showed that in selenium-deficient mice, [...]

Nutrient deficiencies worsen flu 2015-09-09T13:52:21+00:00

Antioxidants ease arthritis symptoms

Antioxidants are now known to benefit several “aging conditions,” including heart disease, cataracts and poor immunity. According to two recent studies, people with arthritis may also benefit from these free radical-fighting nutrients, which include selenium, an essential trace element, and vitamins A, C and E. At Alexandria University in Egypt, researchers added antioxidants to the [...]

Antioxidants ease arthritis symptoms 2015-09-09T13:52:22+00:00

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