Safe remedy for urinary tract infection

Cranberry juice is a traditional remedy for treating and preventing urinary tract infection (UTI). Several recent studies have verified that cranberry indeed contains anti-bacterial compounds that can help reduce the recurrence of UTI.

In a recent study, 150 women diagnosed with UTI were randomly allocated into three groups. One of the groups received 50 ml of cranberry-lingonberry juice concentrate daily for six months. The second group received a probiotic drink, and the third received nothing.

Researchers found that, after six months, episodes of UTI were reduced by about half in those taking cranberry. Only 16 per cent of those in the cranberry group had at least one recurrence, compared with 39 per cent in the probiotic group and 36 per cent in the control group.

This confirms the common belief that recurrences of urinary tract infection can be prevented with cranberry juice, say the study authors.

Source: British Medical Journal; 2001;322:1571