Vitamin C: Protection during pregnancy

If you’re pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant, you may want to look into your daily intake of vitamin C. According to a recent study, women with the lowest intakes of vitamin C are at greater risk for suffering a ruptured membrane and going into premature labour. The connection appears to be collagen, an important connective tissue which relies on vitamin C to be strong.

Researchers reviewed the diets of over 2,000 pregnant women both before their pregnancy as well as during their second trimester. They found that those who lacked vitamin C in the diet had a greater tendency toward rupturing the placental membrane. For example, those who took in less than 21 mg of vitamin C daily before pregnancy were at twice the risk of suffering premature rupture. Those who took in less than 65 mg during their second trimester were at 70% increased risk. The researchers also found that only 28% of the women took vitamin C before pregnancy, while 80% reported taking a multivitamin by the 30th week of pregnancy. Researchers suggest women take a multi before conception and continue throughout pregnancy.

Source: Reuters Health, Jan 18, 2002