Fish oils found to ease symptoms of lupus

New research on fish oils from the University of Ulster offers hope to millions of lupus sufferers worldwide. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) or lupus is a disorder of the immune system, where the body harms its own healthy cells and tissues, causing painful or swollen joints, fever, rashes and extreme fatigue. SLE is most common in women of childbearing age.

Recently researchers have been looking at managing lupus through diet. Fish oils contain long-chained polyunsaturated fatty acids which are essential for normal growth and development but also have anti-inflammatory and anti-autoimmune properties.

The researchers found that participants in the study who were taking fish oil supplements (3 times per day for 24 weeks) saw a reduction in disease activity, an improvement in quality of life and reported an overall feeling of improved health by the end of the study, compared to those taking a placebo. Those taking the fish oil also showed a reduction in fatigue severity, the most debilitating symptom for lupus sufferers.

Source: University of Ulster, Mar 11, 2003