Whey/creatine combo builds muscle

Looking to make gains in the gym before swimsuit season? Researchers at Victoria University in Australia report that supplementation with whey protein isolate and creatine produced significant muscle fibre growth increases that also led to increases in strength.

For the study, 33 experienced body-builders were sorted into four groups: one took creatine with a carbohydrate; one took whey protein isolate; one took whey protein isolate and creatine; and one took a carbohydrate only. Analysis of muscle fibres before and after 11 weeks of resistance training showed a significantly greater increase in the cross sectional area (size) of the fast-twitch muscle fibres in the men supplementing with whey isolate and creatine, compared to the other groups. Fast-twitch muscle fibres are responsible for maximal force production and the growth response to resistance training.

The researchers note that their results have important implications not only to athletes, but also the aging population and others that suffer from debilitating conditions that cause muscle wasting.

Source: American Physiological Society, Apr 9, 2003