EFAs aid behaviour, language skills

Taking a combination of high-EPA fish oil and evening primrose oil can improve the behaviour of rowdy kids and help language skills, say researchers from England. In a five-month trial, 65 children with behavioural problems were given the essential fatty acid (EFA) combination. They had a seven month delay in language skill development.

“Children taking the supplement made an average seven month improvement in receptive language ability, and a nearly nine month improvement in expressive language ability. The matched control group made an expected gain of five months,” said Dr Madeleine Portwood, lead researcher.

The progress in behaviour due to the supplement also appeared to have a positive effect on the parent-child relationship.

“What was most surprising was the increased engagement with the parents. At the start of the study 47% of the parents rated their child’s behaviour as poor or very poor. At the end of the study the figure was 4%,” Dr Portwood said.

Source: Nutraingredients.com, Dec 12, 2005