4 low-stress breakfasts for back-to-school

Guest Post by Dr. Marita Schauch, BSc, ND

This month my focus has really been on lowering stress, and helping the body relax and heal before the tornado that is back-to-school. But even as we approach what’s often the most hectic time of the year (especially if you have young kids), there are steps you can take to lower the stress of the season.

If you’ve read this blog for a while, you’ll know I’m big on breakfast. It helps with energy levels and keeps you going all day – provided you eat the right thing.

Unfortunately, when you’re caring for little people and trying to hustle everyone out the door on time, getting a high-nutrient meal on the table might not be a high priority.

Instead of trying to do it all morning-of, though, why not take a little time to prep one of these four easy, incredibly good-for-you breakfasts ahead of time? Some of them are best done the night before, but some can be made on the weekend and grabbed in the morning on your way out the door.

1. Good Stuff Granola

Usually laden with sugar and corn syrup, store-bought cereals and granolas end up in your kid’s breakfast bowl because they’re so darn easy.

Taking a bit of time on the weekend to make your own granola, however, will give you a super quick option that’s also super nutrient dense. Add a splash of almond milk and you’re good to go!

Bonus: enlist your kids in making granola for a fun family activity on a Sunday afternoon.

>> Try Julie Daniluk’s Gluten-Free Quinoa Berry Granola

2. Power Muffins

To be very clear, I’m not talking about grabbing a muffin at a coffee shop that’s no doubt dripping in oil and sugar.

Instead, try making a batch of muffins with a variety of nuts, seeds, fruits and even veggies, and natural sweeteners like honey or maple syrup. They’s still taste great, and save you the empty calories and mid-morning sugar crash.

>> Oh She Glows makes a mean Flax & Oat Breakfast Power Muffin

3. Breakfast Bars

Again, store-bought granola bars don’t quite make the cut here, but homemade breakfast bars can be laden with all kinds of healthy proteins and fat, and free of the refined sugar that’s going to make you tired & hungry for the rest of the day.

>> Raw Coconut Chocolate Breakfast Bars from Kristin Price Nutrition & Coaching

4. Chia Bowls -er, Jars

Last but not least, this gluten-free alternative to soaked oatmeal is deeeelish. Chia seeds are incredibly anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidizing, which means getting a good helping of them in every morning is a real boon to your stressed-out nervous system.

A little tip to make these even easier for the morning? Instead of soaking the chia in bowls, soak them in mason jars and add your favourite fruit, nuts and seeds ahead of time. In the morning all you’ll need to do is grab the jar and a spoon!

>> Try this chia bowl from Oh She Glows in jar-form