My Whole30 Life: A month of clean eating – Week 1

Staff post by Heather BPM Staff - Heather

I first heard of the Whole30 eating plan from one of our customers who raved about it. At the time I quickly researched and decided it was too extreme for me.

However, when my cousin posted on facebook that she was starting the program soon and was looking for people to join her “Whole30 – Let’s Rock This” support group, I decided the time was right. I needed a challenge and a change!

In short, the Whole30 plan asks you to eat nothing but whole foods for 30 days: no grains, sugar (none: not stevia, not maple syrup, not agave, etc.) no dairy, legumes, alcohol or processed foods. Clean eating only: Meat, fish, vegetables, nuts, seeds and some fruit.

A little intimidating, even to a healthy eater! I wondered if this was doable. Well, it certainly takes some planning. I’ve never been great at meal planning, but I was going to have to be if I wanted to succeed. What will the reward be for giving up my beloved dairy products? What will my sweet tooth say? Will Niagara’s wine industry collapse without my support?!

The Whole30 website claims this way of eating can alleviate a host of symptoms, including aches & pains, and increase energy and weight loss. For me, it’s a chance to break habits, develop healthier ones and discover what foods might not be doing my body any good.

February 1st was my day one. So with the first week down, here’s what I’ve discovered and been most challenged with:

  • Black coffee. It’s okay, but it’s not the creamy, stevia sweetened deliciousness I’m used to.
  • Blood sugar balance is critical. The first few days I felt fatigued and had hunger pangs.
  • Fats keep you satiated and avocados go with everything. I started “bulletproofing” my coffee. A little ghee and MCT oil blended in that boring blackness really taste great and give long-lasting energy.
  • I really miss red wine. A lot!

But this is about developing new habits. And really, a nice cup of herbal tea takes the edge off of a long day just as well. (I’m just going to keep telling myself this until I believe it…).

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