My Whole30 Life: A month of clean eating – Week 2

Staff post by Heather BPM Staff - Heather

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I continue to be amazed at how great I feel and how eating this way is not nearly as difficult as I had expected. Meal planning continues to be necessary and a priority. I am rarely hungry between meals and hardly feel the need to “snack”. On the occasions that I do, a banana or apple with almond butter hits the spot.

I attended a super bowl party and brought my own chopped veggies. The host provided guacamole which I dipped into and had no regrets about forgoing the tortilla chips. I must say that I sulked a little at not being able to eat chili (no legumes allowed…), but decided I would attempt a Whole30 version with lots of veggies as replacement.

At another party to celebrate a friend’s recent promotion, I nibbled on carrot sticks, while everyone else feasted on pizza and cake. I truly felt free at not being tempted at all! Soda water and lime hit the spot when the beer was flowing.

Did I mention the eczema on my hands has cleared up completely? It has shown up every winter for the last few years on my palms. But this year it’s gone! The other thing I’ve noticed is that my winter dandruff spell has lessened. Who knew?!

Watch for next week’s “My Whole30 Life” update!