My Whole30 Life: Final week (or, if the jeans fit…)

Staff post by Heather BPM Staff - Heather

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As I approached the final days of my month on the Whole30 eating plan, I reflected on the fact that I actually wasn’t eager for it to be over. I wasn’t “jonesing” for sugar, nor dairy, grains or *gasp* even wine! I realized that this wasn’t a fad diet for me. This was how I wanted to eat, and to feel: lighter, clearer, in control. By “in control,” I mean that I’m not tempted by easy, fast, processed, empty-calorie foods. The key, as I’ve mentioned before, is preparation. I’m not one to plan a week’s meals in advance, but even simply planning for the next day ensures I have healthy food ready to be prepared.

Something I didn’t mention before is that I had a secret goal. It wasn’t a number-on-the-scale goal, but instead a favourite-pair-of-jeans goal. I hadn’t fit into these particular Levi’s in over a year. But on day 30, I woke up and confidently tried them on. And on they went. Comfortably! Yeah! I didn’t take before and after measurements, as advised, but I did check the scale: eight pounds lost in 30 days is rewarding and a healthy loss for my body.

The ultimate reward of Whole30 is a renewed commitment to my health. It starts with food, but intersects in so many other, unexpected ways.

Some final thoughts, reflections and advice:

  • Really, really commit to the plan. It’s only 30 days and it can be done!
  • Your taste buds and eating habits will change
  • Sugar is in everything! I’m enjoying making my own spice blends, dressings and sauces without it. Because I know how addictive it can be, I’ll be waiting for a special occasion to re-introduce it.
  • Gather and try new recipes. I’m looking to buy a “spiralizer” to make noodles from vegetables!
  • Read the blogs of other Whole30-ers to discover inspiration and new ideas.
  • Lastly, be kind to yourself. Habits are difficult to change, but you’re worth it!

So will I ever eat pizza again? Yes! But it will be either homemade or the best dang pizza in town! My goal is to stick to the plan at 80-90%.

(It’ll probably be wine making up the rest…!)