5 Things to Look for When Buying a Vegan Protein

via Health First Network

When it comes to maintaining lean muscle mass, feeling full between meals, supporting healthy aging and athletic performance, a vegan protein supplement is a great go-to. But which vegan protein should you choose? There are so many proteins lining store shelves and it can be hard to decide which one to buy! Single-source, multi-source, raw, sprouted, fermented… here are five things to look for when buying a vegan protein:

1. Fermented! fermented! fermented!

Ever felt uncomfortable and bloated after a protein smoothie? That’s because unfermented vegan protein powders are hard for your body to digest… ugh!


Fermentation is a really cool process that happens organically in nature and intentionally in controlled environments! We have all encountered fermentation before whether we know it or not – fermentation is responsible for both a lovely glass of wine, and freaky “science experiments” left in the back of the fridge too long.

Quick chemistry lesson: Fermentation is a natural metabolic practice that converts a carbohydrate, (i.e. sugar), into an alcohol or an acid.  The process of fermentation removes anti-nutrients such as phytates and lignans that act like a metal mesh around the nutrients in foods. During fermentation this “mesh” is disarmed so the nutrients are liberated and ready for absorption.

Plus, the fermentation process creates entirely new nutrients that are nourishing to your gut tissue – raw and sprouted proteins don’t have these new nutrients. Look for a fully-fermented protein, like fermented organic vegan proteins+ by Genuine Health, which provides you with protein that is ready for your body to use – with no bloating!



Is your protein 99% from one source? Maybe. Some vegan proteins rely heavily on one source of protein (i.e. rice or pea). Look for a protein that contains multiple sources of plant-based ingredients to offer a balanced spectrum of essential amino acids. fermented organic vegan proteins+ is made with a blend of 7 organic plant-based sources: organic spirulina, organic mung bean, organic yellow pea kernel, organic pumpkin, organic flaxseed, organic hemp and organic brown rice.


Some proteins contain coconut, which tastes amazing, but isn’t a high-protein ingredient. Look at the label to make sure that ALL of the protein sources are actually high in protein!


Some proteins are sweetened with erythritol, a type of wood alcohol that has been linked to gastrointestinal upset. Look for a protein powder that uses natural sweeteners that don’t hurt your tummy AND provide health benefits, too. fermented organic vegan proteins+ is sweetened with stevia, which won’t cause GI upset or raise your blood sugar.


Do you reach for digestive enzymes when you want to beat the bloat? Essentially, digestive enzymes help to make things that are hard to digest, well, digestible. Unfermented and raw proteins are harder to digest, so they’re bolstered with enzymes like protease (an enzyme that specifically breaks down proteins), phytase (an enzyme that breaks down phytic acid – an anti-nutrient contained in vegan protein sources) papain (from papaya) and/or bromelain (from pineapple) to increase their digestibility. Look for a fully fermented protein like fermented organic vegan proteins+. It doesn’t contain any enzymes because it’s easy to digest!


There are a few things that you can’t see on a label, but they make a big difference. Like flavour. How does your protein taste? Does it mix well in water or almond milk? Is it smooth or gritty and chalky? At Genuine Health, we spend a lot of time taste testing our products to ensure that they mix well and taste great. fermented organic vegan proteins+ was recently voted “best tasting vegan protein” by Cansumer! Shake it up with water or your favourite nut milk, blend into a smoothie, use in energy bites or baking recipes or try convenient fermented vegan proteins+ bars!



Looking for a dose of clean, green energy? The Green Energy Smoothie has you covered. It tastes tropical and fresh, with a spicy hit of ginger. But behind its great taste (and good looks), this smoothie provides you with plenty of healthy fats from avocado and coconut milk, while the mango and spinach provide a big dose of alkalizing, vitamin and mineral-rich nutrients. A scoop of fermented organic vegan proteins+ keeps you fuelled all morning, with 20 grams of multi-source, fermented protein.


  • 1-2 cups coconut milk
  • 1 cup frozen mango
  • ½ cup frozen avocado
  • 1-2 handfuls of fresh spinach
  • ½” of fresh ginger
  • 1 scoop fermented organic vegan proteins+ in vanilla


  1. Put all ingredients into the blender.
  2. Blend and serve.




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