Focusing on Zinc for Fertility

If you’re someone who’s always wanted children, and the time is starting to feel right, you may have fertility on the brain. But what does healthy fertility look like? It involves many variables and there are certain lifestyle choices that can help increase your chances of conceiving. Some of these include committing to healthy eating, getting enough exercise, and vitamin and mineral supplementation. But there’s one mineral in particular that’s a must for healthy fertility, because of its ability to support cell growth and function: zinc. This is a guest blog from CanPrev.

Teens: cut osteoporosis risk now!

New research suggests that a woman’s efforts to prevent osteoporosis should actually start before puberty. In the first trial to track calcium’s effects on bone density in girls eight to 13 years old for as long as seven years, researchers at the Ohio State University...

Migraines linked to low magnesium

One in five Canadians suffers migraines, which are headaches caused by swelling of the blood vessels and nerves surrounding the brain. They can last anywhere from three hours to three days, causing pain, nausea and sensitivity to noise. There are many triggers for...