Focusing on Zinc for Fertility

If you’re someone who’s always wanted children, and the time is starting to feel right, you may have fertility on the brain. But what does healthy fertility look like? It involves many variables and there are certain lifestyle choices that can help increase your chances of conceiving. Some of these include committing to healthy eating, getting enough exercise, and vitamin and mineral supplementation. But there’s one mineral in particular that’s a must for healthy fertility, because of its ability to support cell growth and function: zinc. This is a guest blog from CanPrev.

Strong bones need more than just calcium!

Strong bones need more than just calcium!

Osteoporosis can come with significant limitations to activities of daily living. It also increases the risk of hip fracture, which is associated with increased all-cause mortality. Clearly, we want to do everything we can to slow down the rate of bone breakdown to ensure a good quality of life. Calcium reigns supreme when it comes to natural osteoporosis treatment, but it doesn’t provide all the bone structure we need. Here is our list of 4 nutrients to support bone health.

Key Terms 101: A Natural Lifestyle Glossary

Key Terms 101: A Natural Lifestyle Glossary

Welcome to the world of natural living! Sit down. Stay awhile. Although, we recognize that along your journey to make more natural choices, you’ve likely come across some terms that have left you a little confused.
And some other terminology—although commonly used— has perhaps felt vague to you (I mean, what exactly does holistic wellness mean?). In order to help bring some clarity to the mix, and to ease your transition into making healthy, natural choices, we’ve laid out definitions of some commonly used terms.

Low minerals have a role in hair loss

Health experts say hormonal imbalances, medical side effects and psychological factors may cause temporary and reversible hair loss. Two recent studies indicate mineral deficiencies might also play a role. One study from the UK reported that hair loss after...

Daily multi may improve bad behaviour

A new study suggests it may be possible to improve bad behaviour by providing daily vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. Scientists from the UK wanted to test if getting adequate nutrients would cause a reduction in antisocial behaviour among prisoners. They...