Strong bones need more than just calcium!

Osteoporosis can come with significant limitations to activities of daily living. It also increases the risk of hip fracture, which is associated with increased all-cause mortality. Clearly, we want to do everything we can to slow down the rate of bone breakdown to ensure a good quality of life. Calcium reigns supreme when it comes to natural osteoporosis treatment, but it doesn’t provide all the bone structure we need. Here is our list of 4 nutrients to support bone health.

Nutrition Notes: The price of junk food

A new report on our eating habits reveals that almost a quarter of the calories we consume comes from nutrient-poor selections — better known as “junk food.” According to survey responses, soft drinks are the number one source of calories. They accounted for 7.1% of...

Nutrient deficiencies worsen flu

While many people take daily vitamin C to help ward off winter colds and flu, recent research shows other nutrients are also critical to keeping healthy during flu season. The University of North Carolina released a startling report indicating that a selenium...