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Oregano Oil: What’s All the Hype?

Oregano has become one of the most popular herbs for its medicinal properties, particularly for fighting infections like colds & flu, and boosting immunity. This is one impressive herb. I am always delighted when a traditional remedy has not only proven itself time and time again in its popular use, but also stands up to the scrutiny of medical science and rigorous research – and oregano fits the bill. This is a guest blog from Botanica.

What Happens in the Gut … Goes All the Way to the Lungs

What Happens in the Gut … Goes All the Way to the Lungs

Bacteria get into the lungs from your mouth, from the air you breathe, and from the gut, hence both environmental factors and your gut microbiota will affect respiratory health. Though lungs have fewer bacteria than the gut, they are still a dynamic environment with ability to impact immunity. This is a guest blog from alive Magazine.

Enzyme may hold hope for asthma

According to a researcher from the University of Connecticut Health Center, the enzyme bromelain appears to reduce inflammation associated with asthma. Dr Eric Secor tested three groups of mice with acute asthma over eight days with either a placebo or two doses of...

Eating Away Asthma: Fruit and fish help reduce risk for kids

Increasing fruit consumption and eating fish at least once a month could reduce the risk of children developing asthma and cough, according to researchers, who looked at the protective effect of fruit and fish on coughing and wheezing in over 20,000 children from six...

Breathing Easy: Grape extract quells inflammation in lung disease

A component of red wine, resveratrol, seems to damp down the inflammatory process in the progressive lung disease COPD, finds a small study. So effective was resveratrol in laboratory tests that the authors suggest that the compound could be developed to treat the...

Avoiding Asthma: Antioxidants, fruit and veggies are key

A review by researchers at the University of Southampton has revealed that there is substantial evidence to suggest that people who eat plenty of fruit and vegetables have a lower risk of poor respiratory health than those who eat unhealthier diets. The researchers...