Focusing on Zinc for Fertility

If you’re someone who’s always wanted children, and the time is starting to feel right, you may have fertility on the brain. But what does healthy fertility look like? It involves many variables and there are certain lifestyle choices that can help increase your chances of conceiving. Some of these include committing to healthy eating, getting enough exercise, and vitamin and mineral supplementation. But there’s one mineral in particular that’s a must for healthy fertility, because of its ability to support cell growth and function: zinc. This is a guest blog from CanPrev.

Breaking Down The B’s

Breaking Down The B’s

The B vitamins are a family that often appear naturally combined in the foods we eat. They’re commonly known as the B family, or B complex. They work in conjunction with one another for critical metabolic functions, acting as assistant coenzymes to catalyze many chemical reactions involved with nutrient breakdown, cellular energy production, and more.

“Vitamins are safe”: expert panel

“Vitamins are safe”: expert panel

An independent panel of university faculty, medical researchers and physicians experienced in nutritional therapeutics says that vitamin supplements are exceptionally safe for the public. A new report by the expert Vitamin Safety Review Panel rebuts a recent US...

Supplements support older athletes

If you’re an older adult exercising regularly, you’re on the right path for maintaining your health and independence as you age. However, older, active adults may need to support their bodies with extra nutrients. Researchers from Purdue University have determined...

Cut Heart Disease Risk: Vitamin E reduces cardiovascular deaths by 24%

The results of a new study involving nearly 40,000 healthy women — the longest and largest trial ever conducted on vitamin E — found that vitamin E significantly reduced the risk of death from cardiovascular disease, which is the number one killer of women in the US....

Vitamin D cuts MS risk in women

Women who take vitamin D through multivitamins are 40% less likely to develop multiple sclerosis (MS) than women who do not take supplements, according to a new study. The body gets vitamin D through exposure to sunlight, and from the diet. “Because the number of...

The New Natural? Regulations coming for Canadian health products

Minister of Health Anne McLellan recently announced the adoption of the Natural Health Products. Previously, natural health products (NHPs) have been sold as either drugs or foods under the Food and Drugs Act and Regulations, since there is no other category in which...